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A Dog's Life

Staring emptily into the dreary mid-winter morning landscape, John Sikelele absent-mindedly sipped on the cup of stale coffee. His mind racing over the events of the past few weeks. The yard outside his window seemed strangely empty without Xeno’s early morning antics. He missed the dog.

The resolute pinging from the microwave drags him from his stupor and he turns around to fetch his warmed up breakfast. Jenny was quietly having her rusk with a cup of tea. The silence in the kitchen…


Opgelaai deur Jan Venter op 30 April 2015 om 11:34 — Geen Kommentaar


Indien jy graag op hoogte wil bly van wat in ons geloofs-familie gebeur, kan jy gerus vir ons nuusbriewe inskryf.

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