21 Julie 2019 - Henk Janse van Rensburg

Dit is belangrik om emosioneel gesond te wees. Vra hulp en help waar jy kan.

Hier is video oor emosionele versorging.

14 Julie 2019 - Henk Janse van Rensburg

"But for many, maybe most, it is far easier to believe in an invisible God than in a visible God. Jesus is the form in which the visible God can be seen. But when it comes right down to it, I would rather be like God than have God be like me. It turns out that a lot of us, more times than we like to admit, aren’t all that excited that a very human Jesus is revealing God to us. We have our own ideas of what we want God to be like. We keep looking around for a kind of religion or style of spirituality that gives us some promise that we can be godlike, be in control of our lives and the lives of others, exercise godlike authority or at least be authorities on God. As we cultivate a relationship with God, we need to be wary of god-fantasies so we don’t end up less human, less personal, less relational, less than who we were created to be." (Eugene Peterson in Kingfishers catch fire p.228-229)

Henk het verwys na die werk van Brene Brown nav kwesbaarheid. Kyk gerus hierdie video.

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Die Vleiskombuis bestellings sluit 4 Augustus, vir aflewering in daarop volgende week.

Indien jy graag op hoogte wil bly van wat in ons geloofs-familie gebeur, kan jy gerus vir ons nuusbriewe inskryf.

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