What is Christmas?

What do you think of
When you think of Christmas?
Maybe it's tinsel, a tree, presents,
Food, a traditional family dish?

What makes Christmas for you?
Is it the decorations,
The celebrations,
Maybe the salvations,
A feeling of wanting it all to come true?

What is Christmas for you?
Is it the 25th December day?
Or is it the build up,
The excitement and suspense,
Closing your eyes without delay?

What do you love about Christmas?
Giving presents to those you know,
Waiting and wishing for it to snow,
Opening cards, lining them up in a row,
Maybe waiting for a kiss
Under the mistletoe?

Or do you imagine
The story behind the whole thing?
Christmas Day being someone's birthday
If you believe in him?

This is why I ask
What is Christmas?
Have we made it something it's not?
Has it all gone too commercial,
Too easy, fake and dull?
Have we let the true meaning rot?

Maybe there's a handful or few
Of people who still do
Love the wonder and commission,

You don't have to go without
The Christmas things we all love, no doubt,
Just don't brush the fundamental meaning aside
For Christmas is Christmas
The time when we're full of hope inside.

Maybe there's people out there
Who still keep Christmas true.
I wonder....
Do you?

Sondag se diens het ons net weereens herinneer aan waaroor kersfees werklik gaan.

Dankie vir Elmo en sy span. Dit was regtig baie spesiaal!

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